Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween was a howlin' good time!

We had a really great Halloween night. This is the first one since we've "been on our own" that was on a weekend. Normally we're rushing home from work, figuring out that we forgot to get candy or forgot to carve pumpkins and then afterwards it's a mad dash to get to sleep because the daily grind starts again the next day. Plus, the past two years since we've had Luke, it's been down right miserable and especially cold. So not only was the night perfect, but the temperature was perfect too. I doubt we'll get a Halloween this nice again until the kids are graduated from high school. Haha! Isn't that funny to think about.

Anyway, Saturday afternoon after Todd got home from work, we started carving pumkins. We had picked up 5 pumpkins along the way and somehow only paid for one of them. We never made it to the pumpkin patch to pick our own, but it's top on our list next year. Anyway, the one pumpkin we did by was the enourmous one from Sam's Club. I HAD to have it because I'd always dreamed of putting one of my kids in a carved pumpkin. When I saw them at Sams for $8 I jumped for joy, quite literally. ;P

Anyway, here is Brooke posing for her pictures in her pumpkin....she's getting SO big but she still wasn't happy sitting in a giant, cold, damp pumpkin. She's a trooper though!

After that, Todd tore into carving it. Luke's ben real obsessed with the movie Monster's Inc. right now, or "Inky" as he calls it. He LOVES talking about "scary guy." So when Todd decided to make Mike from the movie, I thought it was not only way out of his reach, but a really cool idea. It turned out pretty good with the help of a few toothpicks, haha!

And a picture of the pumpkin all lit up. It was the talk of the neighborhood.....everyone was saying ti was the best of the night! Haha!

Then the picture of the kids in their costumes. Is it sad that this is the best one I have? Luke's new thing is "rubbing bellies mommy." He LOVES rubbing him and Brooke's bellies together and she just thinks it's about the funniest thing in the world. And if you can't tell what they are, Brooke was a bumblebee and uke was an Indian. I was feeling unmotivated this year so store bought costumes all the way! Go me!

This picture pretty much explains how our entire night went. Luke ran from house to house yelling "I need more." Glad I've done well teaching my child manners. Actualy though, it was a great opportunity. I wouldn't let him leave a single house without saying thank you and he did a spectacular job. We managed to make it through about 3 blocks in 2 that for a world record? Just kidding! He enjoyed running house to house, ut he'd also sit right down on people driveway and start counting all his pieces. Haha! What a site to see.

Anyway, I hope everyone had as wonderful of a Halloween night as we did! And shockingly enough.....what does this mean? Holy crapola....I'm hosting Thanksgiving in less than 1 month....AHHHH!

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