Sunday, September 6, 2009

Deck sneak peak!

Yeah, Todd promised me a deck in March. Then he promised me a deck by my birthday, in June. THEN, he PROMISED it would be done by 4th of July.'s now Labor Day....BUT, he's almost done! Anyway, here is a few sneak already looks 100% better than these pictures, but I haven't had time to snap any for what they are worth.....the sneak peak:And even though it is far from a finished masterpiece, we've already began to enjoy it. Only one section of railing is up, but we moved our old table and chairs and grill up on the deck. We hung out there this morning after harvesting our neighbors garden and then we ate dinner out there tonight. I LOVE it out there. Now if only I could just go buy new patio furniture, a new grill, ourdoor rug, and a new patio set, I'd be in heaven. But that is the bad thing about this getting done so late in the year......yeah EVERYONE is sold out. Boooo! So we'll just have to make do until this spring. Plan is do a 6 person teak table, blackish outdoor rug under it, new black grill of some kind (thought Weber but now hearing not great reviews) and then a bar with bar stools up by the window. Oh and we ran cable out to it to, so we'll be setting up a tv mount as well. Obviously we won't be able to keep the tv out there ALL the time, but we can bring it out for parties and what cool huh? Totally Todd's idea! Men! Anyway....more to come! Stay tuned!

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