Friday, September 4, 2009

How does it fit?

I always wondered how different diapers fit babies at all the different stages. So, whie this is a little late, late is better than never right? Al these pictures were taken just as Brooke turned 2 months. We weighed 10 lbs 5 oz.

First is a Suzie's One Size fitted diaper. I wasn't a big fan of these when we first got them. They do fold down to supposedly fit a newborn baby, but they would be super bulky. Also, the outside of them is regular cotton fabric, not the stretchy soft knit like most fitteds. Kind of threw me off at first. Oh yeah, and they take FOREVER to dry b/c they are so thick! BUT, I've come to love these diapers. They work GREAT for nighttime!

Next is a Medium Blueberry Al In One. While this diaper is super cute I just haven't ever been a fan of it. We've had some major leak issues and I think it's due t repelling. I've tried everything though and nothing seems to work.

Next up is a one size Goodmama fitted diaper. I really like these diapers. They fit her a little big at this point, but the have cut prints, super soft and stretches a nice amount. We use these overnight as well.

Fishnoodles cover in size small. I really love the print on this diaper and also the fit. It gets nice and snug around the legs yet isn't so tight it leaves a mark. Has held up very well too!

This fitted is by Spoiled Rotten. They are no longer in business for whatever reason, but it makes me sad because we loved this diaper so much. Love the print and the fit was very good for her thin legs and tall rise.

Next is a size small BumGenious. This was a perfect diaper for that "transition period" from newborn diapers to one size diapers. They work great and are easy to use. This is our main "mimi" diaper used during the day when she watches Brooke.

Next is a size small BumGenious 3.0 AIO. These are our "mimi" diapers because they are the only ones my mom will use when she watches the kids during the day. They work great, are easy to put on, and there is just no hassle with them. Needless to about 13 lbs now, she's outgrowing them. =(

This is the one size Swaddlebees pocket diaper with aplix closure. For the most part I really like these. They fit good and absorb well, but I'm not a fan of the fact that the soaker just "lays" in the diaper, not snap in. Other than that though, it was a very nice diaper for the price and cute print too. :P

Again, one size Swaddlebees pocket diaper, this time with the snap closure though. Its fit her pretty well so far, but usually I'm not a snaps fan. It seems my kids are always in between sizes and I can never get a perfect fit with snaps.

Next up is a size small Thirsties AIO. These arecute, trim, and easy to use. This is another of mimi's favorites. They last forever too! We've been using them since about 10 lbs and I'd say we have at least another month in this size.

And a pair of SBish (Sustainable Babyish) interlock wool pants. EVERYONE talks about how wonderful these are but I personally don't see what all the hype is about. They were soft for wool but they were not stretchy AT ALL. DD is very skinny and yet these pants were to tight in the waist and too long in the legs. I wonde what baby WOULD fit in these properly? The upside? I was able to sell these in a heart beat for exactly what I paid for them.

Lastly is a MonkeySnuggles pocket diaper from Etsy. I thought the print was cute so I thought I'd try it out. It's a very cute diaper and a cute print, but the insert it came with is just not enough. I added a secnd doubler with it, tried with BG doublers as well as some hemp inserts from ArtsyFarstyFooFoo and the diaper worked perfect!

I had quite a bit more in my "stash" at this time, but hey, never enough hours in the day right? Maybe I'll have a "new" fashion show and stash pics any day now.....we'll see. ;)

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