Thursday, August 27, 2009

Perfect for Potty Training

I wasn't sure exactly how we were going to potty train. Luke had been interested in going to the potty every since we switched him to cloth diapers at 18 mo. Almost immediately he wanted to be changed as soon as he got wet. And after fighting with him for a long time about putting one on, all of a sudden he'd lay right down to be changed. Anyway, we finally decided two weeks ago that we'd start really giving potty training a try. I read a TON of stuff online, but I was still totally confused at what would work for him.

We had some of the Gerber trainers, but they were horrible. If he did have an accident, they caught maybe 10%, if that. And a lot of courses say to have him run around outside and he'll feel the sensation to pee pee better. Not only did he not even slow his run during a pee, but it was darn near impossible to keep him outside all day with a newborn. So next I looked into absorbant trainers. Even then I wasn't thrilled with what we tried even though reviews said it was "the best." I was stuck until I thought about soakers. Brooke's diapers were soaked overnight and yet the wool kept everything why couldn't that work for Luke? So I ordered up one wool soaker. Laolized it up and put it over some Gerber trainers. Low and behold....perfection. Here is the three we have so far and I LOVE them all!

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