Thursday, August 27, 2009

A new motivation!

A co-worker friend of mine just bought a new house. It just happens to be a ranch home built in the early 80s and very similar to how ours looked when we first moved in. She loves the house and the location but she just couldn't get past some of the 80s decorating. So, to give her some inspiration I organized all the pictures I already had on shutterfly by room and in order of how each room came along. I started looking at it though and it just gave me such motivation. I guess I had just gotten used to a lot of stuff being done in our house. I had forgotten, or maybe not realized, just how far it has come along. Take a look and see for yourself....

Anyway, so just looking through those pictures made me realize that all the hard work we've put into this house is so worth it. And I've really been slacking in the decorating area lately. Especially when I look around and see what seems like everything being destroyed.....oh there goes my rug now that Luke is throwing spaghetti down on it.....oh there goes my floor since he just threw this or that across the room. But really, aside from a few nicks and scratches here and there, our house has held up pretty well against the toddler. I feel like I'm ready to get some rooms finally finished and to start some new ones.....mainly the basement and then Brooke's "big girl room."

Anyway, this weekend I am actually going shopping kid free for house stuff. First time since Brooke was born 3 months ago! So another mommy friend and I are headed south to go to Ikea, the Ballard Designs Outlet and then hopefully we'll have enough time to hit up Kirklands on the way back. I am thrilled beyond belief. Can't wait to shop with my renewed sense of the decorating bug!

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C said...

Okay lady! Where's the Ballard outlet?!? And where's kirklands?!?

Know what? On second thought, I need to email you.