Monday, August 24, 2009

It's been awhile!

I know, I know, it's been awhile! I have no idea how working mothers do this! Anyway, I guess I'm averaging about one post every two weeks. I need to pick that up some huh? Anyway, here are some pictures frm the past couple weeks. I promise, we haven't just been sitting around with our thumbs up our butts! Haha!

So, what have we been up to? Well, the first big thing is potty training. I always thought the toughest part of that would be actually getting Luke to go potty. No, really it's training for the parents. We are the ones who forget to ask him if he needs to go. And by the time we realize it would be good to set the timer for every 30 minutes, now he goes on his own. Things are going well though but he needs watched every second just in case he changes his mind. Nothing repares yu for finding an accient under the dining room table! (Yes, we will never have house guests again now! J/K! I cleaned it GOOOOOOD! Trust me!)

Secondly, my newhews were in town so we got to hang out with them a lot. They are 10 and 12 and the perfect age. They get the fact that if they don't fight when they are down here, they can come more often. Grandpa (Todd's dad) even told them they could go on vacation with us next year if they act so good. A lightbulb went off in their head and they were perfect gentleman!

I've also been doing A LOT of shopping! We've got a baby shower coming up, fall pictures at the end of September I need to plan outfits for and have some things made for, Brooke is outgrowing yet another size in diapers, so I needed a awhole new stash and with Luke potty training, we've been selling his diapers and buying new ones.

Hee's what I have for the shower present so far. I'm going to try and find hot pink and green fabric and make an applique onesies and some matching burp clothes to finish out this gift.
Here is a fleece soaker and upcycled wool longies I got to go over Luke's underware. Also, those 6 little bags around them are reusabe snack bags. I got them from Etsy seller MojaCreations ( Se is great though and we got t pick out al the fabrics we wanted. So 4 bags for Brooke and 4 for Luke. We go through so many baggies taking snacks here and there the bags will pay for themselves in no time!

And lastly, we've been overtaken by the neighbors produce. This is just one small batch she brought over and it hasn't stopped since.....corn, eggplants, tomoatoes od all kinds, jalapenos, green peppers, etc. I've been trying to freeze them or use them up as fast as possible, but it's tiring for sure! Especially at midnight every night. Last night I tackled slasa. Today I blacned and froze 6 lbs of green beans and made ratatouille for dinner.

Well, I'm headed off to seep for my beautfy rest! Good night!

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