Tuesday, February 16, 2010

We made out at the Gap sale!

We ended up with a pretty heft haul at Gap yesterday for their 45% off sale! Even though there was a major winter snowstorm on it's way in, we trudged out in the snow, credit card in hand!
We got there about 20 min after they opened and boy am I glad we went early. Within 20 min or so, it got insanley packed! Todd found himself a pair of work pants for only $3 (!!!) as well as 3 pairs of jeans for around $15. I got Brooke a few of the favorites I've been drooling over on the internet for spring, as well as a pair of plain white Robeez sandals that will match many outfits this spring/summer. I got the most stuff for Luke for next fall. He got several pairs of shoes/boots, a book bag for preschool, and several shirts. I did pick up two pairs of pants for myself, but both just don't fit right, especially for $25 still. I'd rather get a pair from (gasp) JCPenney's for half the price. Sorry, I have a lot of love for the Worthington Wear pants for work!

Anyway, here is a few pictures of the kids in their new clothes:

I also bought about a bag full of sale extras to sell of Ebay. My "strategy" was to pick things that there was only one left of, thinking it was probably a popular item! Seems like it worked pretty well. I've started listing things on Gymbofriends and I've sold quite a few, but the only thing I'm getting from that is rewards and points towards silver. I didn't add any extra for them. Tomorrow I plan on listing on ebay and starting my bid at the price I paid. If they buy it for that amount, great, if they pay more, added bonus!