Monday, October 6, 2008

Recharging Stations?

I love the idea of recharging stations for desk areas. We have so many different items now a days that constantly need charged, but to keep them in one spot is just a nightmare. What an eyesore to see on your desk? But buying something like the Recharging Station from Pottery Barn just seems ridiculous to me. Talk about expensive organization!
So I racked my brain for an easier solution, but lining them up nicely across my office desk just wsn't working. Finally, I saw an episode on HGTV I believe, where a family of six (all of driving age) was having a major problem keeping everything organized. They made them a recharging station/place to keep all their keys out of a entry way cabinet. So, when we remodeled our entry way, I knew I wanted a cabinet with drawers instead of just a table. We then just easily drilled a whole in the back of the cabinet and the back of the drawer to slide the chargers through. It works great for us.

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Nifty Adventures into Denmark said...

I stumbled upon your blog from the D&R board. I just wanted to say I really enjoy reading it. You have such great tips.