Tuesday, February 3, 2009

And decided on a stroller!

Well, I decided on a stroller! I'm no longer giving Todd the option to choose. =) As frgual ::ahem, cheap:: as he is, even he admitted he liked nothing at Babies R Us. We went there a few Sundays ago and tested out every model they had on display. Either it was HUGE, bulky, and heavy or it was cheaply made and wobbly, or it was managable but the seats were so tiny that I honestly don't know how much longer Luke would even be able to fit in it. The only thing we remotely liked was a double jogging stroller, maybe a Schwinn, not sure. We just couldn't see spending $350 on something we didn't love. It wasn't too bulky, it steered well and was easy to push, but it didn't recline and didn't take a car seat, so we really couldn't see pushing around a 6 lbs newborn in it!

So the more and more I look, the more times I keep coming back to the same thing, the Phil and Ted's sport buggy with a double kit. We'll look just like Brooke Shield's pushing around her kids at the park (and I'll be back to size 6 like she is! Haha)

It's the answer to all my problems though. Here's is all the positions it can go in:
So it's basically adaptable to every situation. And from all the reviews I've read, it isn't "too good to be true." The only slight problem I've found......the cost! The cheapest I've found it is $449 with free shipping and it's the 2008 model/color the are discontinuing. Think Todd might get this for me as a Valentine's Day present???? Doubtful! So I'll just have to figure out another way to save up $450 buck-a-roos! I love a challendge though!

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icoobaby1 said...

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