Tuesday, February 3, 2009

And speaking of bathrooms...

There hasn't been much progress really. Todd did get the rest of the drywall up, got the drywall all finished and primed it all, but now it's just sat, waiting for us to make a final decision on tile color, paint color, countertop, etc. We did end up buying the tile we finally choose this weekend, but we're basically back to square one on the countertop. We're down to either getting unwarrented granite for $560 or just going with Corian for $400 (which I'm not fond of, but at this point, who knows). I'm just not paying $900 for a quartz or silestone countertop!!!!! Tha is just ridiculous. (The countertop store called us back and told us they mis-quoted us by the way, errr!)

Anyway, Todd was supposed to start tiling tomorrow with his buddy, but we've also been qaiting for about 6 months to get our last 4 windows put in. Of course our other friend calls and says he has the time on Wednesday to help Todd put those in. So tile is bumped to next week now, BUT I do get my new windows in, which means my new curtains can go up soon! YEAH!

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