Sunday, February 22, 2009

I love a good deal!

Today I finally got my dream stroller! We went on a family trip to a store called Treehouse Kids in the Cincinnati Mills outelt just to "test drive" the Phil and Teds stroller I'd read so much about. As shocking as the price is, Todd felt the same way I did, it really does live up to all the talk. It's nothing like any other stroller we looked at. If anything, it's lighter and sturdier than the Peg Perego Pliko P3 we already have (and love)! However, at the store, it was $450.00 for the stroller plus another $100 for the doubles kit. And then on top of that we'd pay 7.5% tax, so another $41.25! As much as I'm a fan of local small business, we just couldn't afford to pay this knowing we could get it online cheaper.

So I checked it out online when we got home, and sure enough Pish Posh Baby had a 2008 model, brand new, and in the charcoal color we liked best, for only $450. Only they throw in the doubles kit for free, don't charge tax, and ship for free. And then, if it couldn't get any better, I found a coupon code, SAVE5, which saved another 5%. So we got the stroller for $427.50 out the "door!"

And if our day couldn't have gotten any better, I decided to take the time during the drive home to read our Sunday newpaper. Low and behold, inside all those great Sunday sale ads, was a brown paper bag. And not just any paper bag, but a "coupon" of sorts. Bring in this bag and recieve a free burrito to our favorite place in the whole world......Chipolte! So we'll also get dinner for all three of us tonight for $5.95! It must be my lucky day or something!

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Katie said...

That is a freaking AWESOME stroller!! :)