Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The slowest bathroom remodel ever!

So, finally, after three weeks of working on tiling the guest bathroom floor......it's FINALLY finished! Pretty pathetic huh? We had to lay "self" leveling concrete three times and it the floor still wasn't level. We finally had to have a professional come out to level it and even then, the guy was convinced our floor had a mind of it's own! Haha! Anyway, here is pictures of the bathroom with the flooring installed and grouted.
The grout has to dry for 48 hours, so we get to install the vanity tomorrow night. Then our countertops will be installed on Friday and all the plumbing will get done early next week! I'm SOOO excited!


jannypie said...

i am sooooooo jealous i waaaant that shower!!! i REALLY wanted to tile our shower and floor, but DH vetoed it. RAWR!

Savannah said...

It looks really good! The time and effort will all be worth it in the end!