Monday, March 16, 2009

Does life ever slow down?

I don't know if I'm still getting used to the time change or if this pregnancy is just kicking my butt......but whatever it is, my body better figure it out and get back in shape! Haha! I've literally been late to work every single day for at least two weeks and I feel like I can never get everything done I want to. Enough whinning from me though. Here's the latest on what I've been working on.....preparing for the local Mom's Market Sale this weekend!

Anyway, I finally got everything organized this weekend, thanks to my mom. Luke ended up with the flu and just wanted to snuggle and watch tv all weekend. And he NEVER sits still, so as much as I really wanted to snuggle with him, I knew I had to get this done. So several hours later, I got eveything I wanted to sell, all in one place, and organized by size. Wheeew, what a task! Then I got to snuggle with my little one. =)

But now every night, I'm trying to tag and price two of those piles. Each pile takes me at least an hour and then somehow, I'm supposed to make up a spreadsheet of every item I'm selling in case anything gets stolen. They had about $600 in items stollen last year (although most were DVDs and video games), but still. They give you back the tags of the things that sold and then you obviously get back eveything that didn't sell and you are supposed to match it to the spreadsheet. You can claim anything that wasn't sold or given back and they'll refund you as long as you have a spreadsheet showing where it was marked before the sale.

Anyway, when all is said and done, I should bring home somewhere around $400-$600! I only need maybe $50 worth of clothes for Luke for this spring still and I'm not buying anything else from Brooke because I have a feeling my friends and family have gone WAY overboard on clothes for my shower next Sunday, so I need to stop myself from buying anything else for her. I honestly don't even know where it's going to fit! Regardless, the extra money can then be used to buy the few things I do "need" according to my mom, like pink swaddling blankets (apparently girls can't be swaddled in blue blankets), a few more cloth diapers, a moby wrap, and a few of the cute little outfits I've seen on etsy for her newborn photos. Hehe! Oh yeah, and I can splurge on some cute stuff for her nursery! Hehe!


C said...

Wow, that's a lot of work! Good for you being productive though! Hope you sell all of it!

ck715 said...

Apparently your mom and my mom have the same idea....girls must have pink/girly stuff. My mom has outfitted our baby girl for the first 3 mths with all new stuff. We were ready to use our old stuff from DS. It works doesn't it. I might need get motivated like you to sell it.