Sunday, March 22, 2009

I've seen the light!

Okay, I am finally back above water! Our Semi-annual Twigs Kid's Sale was yesterday and I finally made it home just in time to put Luke to sleep last night. I crashed shortly after myself! But, was all the hard work worth it? I think so! Not only did Twigs sell almost $50,000 worth of merchandise (they keep 20% of profits which goes to the Dayton Children's Hospital) but I also sold a TON of my own stuff and got some new deals as well. Here is come pictures of all I got for $137! A ton of clothes for Brooke, clothes for Luke, a bike for Luke (for only $5!), and a really nice Circo stool and t-ball set! I think I did really well. And the best part.....when we are done using this stuff in a couple years, I can sell it for pretty much the same price I bought it for! How's that for being cheap and green!

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