Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's almost there...

I hope this is only my second to last post on our bathroom remodel. I seriously cannot believe we started this project the week after Christmas and it's STILL not in useable condition! Here's some pictures of it "almost" done:

And as if we hadn't had enough bad luck, things have once again taken a turn for the worse! Everything was up and running after the plumber came on Friday. Todd specifically had a master plumber do all the plumbing since directly below the toilet is our furnace. Well......I went to the bathroom on Saturday night and thankfully Todd was downstairs. He heard almost the entire toilet bowl of water leak onto the furnace!

So Monday the plumber came back out and they figured out that apparently, the toilet somehow passed inspections yet there was about 7 cracks in the bottom of it! Wonderful! AND, when we went to turn our furnace back on the other night, it made the whole house smell like smoke! Great! So we are now waiting for Home depot corporate to get back to us (they followed up last night at least) on an insurance claim they sent in for us. $150 for the two plumber trips and also to have someone fix our furnace! Ughhh.......I love home ownership!

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