Thursday, April 2, 2009

Brooke's Baby Shower!

Okay, so I've promised everyone and their moms that I'd post pictures of Brooke's baby shower, so here they are:
I cannot believe I am sharing this with you, as I DON'T do belly shots, but someone snuck in a picture of me, so I guess I'll shame myself and share it all with you. This is my 30 wks belly! Gasp! And check out that facial expression.....I love having my picture taken, can you tell?
And here is Luke greeting everyone. Where did my little baby boy go???
This was the couple that my aunt invited to sing at my shower. They are auditioning for Nashville Star so they were so happy for an audience. They sang "In My Daughters Eyes," and they were AWESOME! How cool would that be if they became famous???
And of course another one of Luke....testing out all his little sisters toys and clothes. He was totally clueless that all the presents weren't for him! =)
And the end result.....WAY too much stuff for a small shower! I cannot believe that by inviting only 11 very close family and friends, I still brought home an entire carload of baby stuff! They were all too generous, but of course, I love it all and I love you all! I can't wait to meet Brooke and now dress her in all of these fun new clothes!

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