Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We're getting a tax return!

Every year around tax time I cringe thinking about how much we owe. And it especially makes me even more mad when I hear everyone and they say they are getting $3,000 or $4,000 back and what big thing they are going to buy with it. Todd's accountant does our taxes since his business is rolled into our taxes, but every year, whatever I was going to get back didn't even come close to canceling out what he owed. But this year, lady luck must be on my side! This is the first year it was more beneficial to file seperate and I got Luke. So I was expecting back $1200. Todd was going to owe $800 though. I was searching around some money message boards though and learned that if we contributed to an IRA (which we had set up already, just didn't contribute this year because of the sucky economy, 28% of what we put in it would cancel out what Todd owed or boost my return. So we decided to contribute $5K (which we plan on using to pay for college, and if not needed for whatever reason, more for retirement). So we are now getting back close to $1500! Finally, I get to make a big purchase too! So what am I picking????? A new bedroom suite!

I know what your thinking......a $1500 bedroom suite, YEAH RIGHT! Let me introduce you to the Canopy Collection from Walmart! Yes, I said it, Walmart furniture. But if you remember, we actually have a piece from this collection already, the Anywhere Console in our dining room. It's solid wood and great construction. I've heard just as many positive reviews about the bedroom furniture too! So for a queen size headboard and footboard, long dresser, tall dresser and 2 nightstands all for under $1400!!!!!!! And even better, they ship for free to the store!

So here is the mood board I created to show Todd my ideas for the room. I really want something "beachy" and "airy" so I can wake up on the right side of the bed every day! I think a master bedroom should be the one place you can go, relax, and just be able to wind down. I can't think of a more serene place than the beach. So here it is:

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Erin said...

That's actually VERY cute furniture! Some of my favorite pieces in my house (dining room buffet, coffee table) are from IKEA and you'd never guess. Solid, dark wood and have lasted through 4moves!