Tuesday, April 28, 2009

When price doesn't matter....

I'm usually all about finding something for cheaper and I actually make it a game to see how cheap I can do everything from groceries/meal planning, to clothes, to home improvement. But this past week I've finally realized that there is one aspect of my life that I really could care less how much it costs......medical expenses!

I've always been on of those people that when I get the slightest bit of a cold, I run up to the closest pharmacy and grab tissues (the expensive ones with aloe even), throat drops (the expensive ones that actually taste good), and Calratin D along with bottles of gatorade and popsicles. Ususually it's like $40, which seems like such a waste, but I'd rather feel good than save money.
Well, for the first time in my life, this example was really put to the test. I've never been to the Emergency Room in my entire life, I've never really been more sick than the flu or a broken bone. I've never even had family or friends with anything big happen to them thank God! Well, it finally happened.......I have gallstones. I went to the ER about 8 wks ago, then again about 3 wks ago. I knew I'd have to have my gallbladder removed, but I never thought I'd spend time in the hospital for it. Well I had another "attack" two Sundays ago, but just kept taking Vicodin. Tuesday I tried to go to work but it just kept getting worse so I was forced to go t the ER when Vicodin wouldn't take the edge off the pain. I ended up getting admitted and spending the next 4 days in the hospital! It seriously was the worst experience in the world.
Anyway, we are now getting the bills for it all. I'm VERY thankful that I have such a hardworking husband who gets his butt up at 3am every morning to work a second job at UPS just so we can have good health care. So, the total for 3 ER visits and a 4 day stay in the hospital.........$112,000!!!!!! Can you believe that?!?!?!? And how much do we owe? Thank GOD, only $25 for each ER visit and $10 for the time I was admitted to the hospital. But to be honest, they could have said we owed the entire $112,000 and I still would have been alright with it. There is nothing worse than being in pain, not being able to do anything about it, and not knowing wha is wrong!
Anyway, things are finally getting back to normal around the house, so I promise, more new blog entries to come....

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Fox and Dawg said...

I was thinking you spent so much time while you were in the hospital online that you should have been catching up on the blogging :)