Thursday, July 30, 2009

Best meat marinade EVER!

Please excuse the crappy picture, we are still catching up on dishes and laundry from our vacation, so alas, tupperware plates and an old christmas tablecloth it was last night!

I just HAD to share this delicious chicken marinade recipe with you. Todd constantly complains that I'm incapable of eating "plain" food. I always have to "doctor it up," as he says. It's the truth though. I can't just grill chicken and think it tastes good. So I've tried many many marinades over the past couple years, but every time it just gives the meat a slight hint of flavor and yet the meat is still dry and rubbery. UNTIL last night! Yes, this is the first ever chicken marinade I have LOVED. Todd and Luke both loved it to. Todd is known as the condiment king in our house because he needs either ketchup, BBQ sauce, or ranch on everything. He even ate the chicken just as it was. It was that good. So, go check out the recipe at

Oh, and I will wanr you, it makes a lot of extra marinade. I mixed it up in a large mason jar. We grilled 6 chicken breast and used about 1/2 of the marinade. The other half I'm thinking of trying on steak.....hmmmm. I hope your family enjoys it as much as we did!

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