Sunday, January 18, 2009

Great deal on bottles!

Okay, call me crazy, but before Todd and I were even married, I started shopping for baby stuff. Todd knew about it, but we both agreed we wouldn't tell anybody because they'd think we were crazy. But I did it partly because I knew we'd eventually have kids together, partly because it would space out the "upfront" costs, and partly because, well, I was bored out of my mind on Saturdays while Todd worked. We also lived about thre blocks from a really rich area of town. So, every Saturday, I'd get up bright and early, make Todd breakfast before work, and circle the garage sales in the paper I wanted to visit that day, even mapping out my route around town. Each week, I had $50, so each week it was a challendge to see what I could buy for the money. I found all kinds of great things, but I kept coming acorss these sales with barley worn, name brand baby clothes. I kept thinking, $.50 HAS to be a good deal. I might as well buy it while I have the time and money. I started buying boy and girl things, thinking I'd just sell what I couldn't use and at least make back what I bought them for. After two summers, I was ashamed to admit how many boxes full of baby stuff I had. Toys, equipment, clothes, etc.

So this is where I originally got all of our bottles from for our first son. I had visited a garage sale just before they were closing. I was looking at a giant box full of Avent bottles and the lady said she was about to close up and she'd give me the whole thing for only $10 (originally priced at $50 and probably $400 with of bottles and assessories.) I figured I'd just replace the nipples with new ones and save some money when it came time. So I literally spent nothing on bottles for Luke.

The whole BPA thing had just made it to the lime light when he was about 4 months old, but at the time, the last thing we had money for was new bottles, and there wasn't any BPA free bottles besides glass on the market anyway. So I just crossed my fingers and soon switched him to sippy cups which were fine.

But with the new baby on the way, I was totoally freaked out. Of course I needed new bottles, but it seemed like such a waste. UNTIL, I found out you could return your old Avent bottles for new BPA free ones. Sure, they only returned them for a mere fraction of the price ($35 for 12 bottles) but it was better than nothing. And, as luck would have it, Born Free (which I had heard were better anyway) were on sale. $5 off any 3-pack. Score! So for 12 new bottles, we only spent $43!

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