Friday, January 23, 2009

It's a........GIRL!

We had our ultrasound last night at 5PM. Todd and Luke of course came along as well. Even though we were at least 10 minutes early, somehow the girl that was supposed to be after us snuck in before us. So we didn't get to go in until 5:50! Needless to say, we did kind of rush through it since Luke wanted nothing but to go home and eat dinner at this point.

But everything is perfectly on schedule and we found out it's a GIRL!!!!! I'm of course thrilled, but Todd not so much. All he can concentrate on is paying for dance, watching her cheerlead, paying for a wedding, and her having her heart broken by boys, none of which he says he can handle. So we weren't as quick to call people this time b/c Todd was so upset. I'm sure he'll come around, at least after she's born and he becomes wrapped around her little finger, but still, it's kind of upsetting. I want to celebrate and go buy a bunch of cute little pink clothes.

The only upside, I still did secretly want the third child I always dreamed of. Now, of course, he says we are having a third so we can have another boy. Haha! So we'll see. I was kind of looking forward to getting rid of all the baby boy stuff so I could buy a bunch of little girl clothes, but oh well. =)

I'll scan the ultrasound picture today hopefully.


Lori (MrsB1021) said...

Yay! Congrats! I don't have any kids, but I love buying baby clothes! Especially little girl's so much fun!

ck715 said...

Congrats! We are also having a girl in May. I know what you mean about wanting to buy a bunch of girl stuff. I'm addicted to baby girls stuff.

Sarah said...

Congratulations! I always hope for a little girl, too. She'll have T wrapped around her little fingers before he knows it. At least she'll have a big brother to look after her. ;)

jannypie said...

my congratulations!!