Saturday, January 10, 2009

The guest bathroom reno has begun!

So here is some before pictures of the bathroom. I will admit up front that all pictures of this bathroom are going to be horrible on my Nikon D40. It's just too big of a camera to take pictures of a small 6 x 8 bathroom! Errr!

Here's some before pic:
Again, horrible picture from our real estate listing, but at least you can tell from the picture how the tiny bathroom part and toilet is seperated by a stupid wall and door that couldn't even close if you were sitting on the toilet and didn't open all the way because it hit the tub! Who's idea was that?!?!

And some pictures now:

So far we've spent:
  1. $150 for the electrician to rewire an electric outlet on the wall we removed as well as the light switch.

  2. $60 for the plumber to install shut off valves where the sink/vanity was.

  3. $180 for our 60" vanity on clearence

4. Mirror from Kirklands for $59.99

6. Lighting for above mirror for $99.99


Lori (MrsB1021) said...

Wow, it looks great!

jannypie said...

ahhh i remember the days of drywalling! love your choices for the bathroom- we got our mirror at kirklands too, but that vanity beats all!