Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Now I need your help!

So I've narrowed down our tile choices to one main tan tile, a 10 x 30 cm tile for the shower area which will be laid "brick" style or "subway tile" style as they call it. The floor will have a matching tile, but will be 12" x 12" tiles. About four feet from the floor, around the tub area, we're putting in a decorative boarder about 3" wide. I've narrowed down to two kinds, which I must add are VERY similar. Now, help me choose:

#1 #2

And from a distance:

So which choice would you go with?


Lori (MrsB1021) said...

I think the decorative border with the larger tiles matches a little better, but I really like the smaller tiles. If you were to go with the smaller tiles, I wouldn't notice that it didn't "match". It's just with the two side-by-side the other ones seems to match better. Did that make your decision any easier? lol

Manic Monday said...

i really don't think you can go wrong with either. the bigger one has more brown, the little tiles more gray. i would select according to the accents you want to use. maybe the brown if your cabinets are brown?

Stephanie said...

I like number 2 the best.