Saturday, September 13, 2008

Deal of the Week!

Here is the story of my deal of the week:

When we first moved into our house in March 2007, I knew it would be a long time before we had a functioning dining area, yet I still felt the need to figure out how I would decorate it and what I would buy for each space. At the time, Bombay Company was one of my favorite stores and they had just opened a new store by us. I fell in love with the Alexander Buffet and knew that was the exact piece I wanted for our dining room buffet. Just a few short months later I started seeing going out of business signs for Bombay everywhere. With a brand new baby at home, it was a little challenging to get out, and by the time we finally did make it out there, they were all gone, including any online.

So, for over a year now, I had been looking at suitable alternatives. The only thing I even remotely liked though was the Montego Wine Buffet from Pottery Barn, but considering I only had $5,000 to the entire family room, living room, AND dining room, there was no way I could afford $1300 just for a buffet. I looked and looked and nothing seemed like it was going to work. Everything was either too big, too small, too country, too contemporary, too dark or too light. Then, finally, I thought of checking Walmart's new canopy collection. And what do you know, behold, the most perfect dining room buffet I ever could have asked for, the Anywhere Console. And better yet, at only $299 PLUS free shipping to the store, I couldn't beat the price if I tried! When I saw that, I thought I had dies and went to heaven.

So, without furthur new dining room buffet:


wofficerswife08 said...

I have been eyeing this buffent for quite awhile now I think it is very beautiful. Is it good quality?

Andrea said...

The quality is actually very good. I read all the reviews and decided to take the chance. We've been lucky with cheap furniture, haha, it's always been good for us. I highly suggest this piece though!