Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Our $1.46 dinner!

Todd was running late from work (it rained all day yesterday) and I was feeling motivated to get my blog started, so I decided to make one of backup meals instead of the chicken broccoli casserole I planned on making. Anyway, we were at the grocery store a couple weeks ago and cruising down the pizza aisle when Todd moticed a Chicago Deep Dish frozen pizza marked down to $1.46. We have an eye for the little orange discount tags at Meijer, but we'd never seen a deal like this. It was originally over $15! We figured it was only $1.46, so why not try it. Tonight was the first time trying it and it was pretty good. Took almost an hour to cook, but other than wrapping it in some foil and defrsoting the sauce, it's about as easy as a meal can get. Nothing I would have paid $15 for, bt it was delicious for the price we paid. Plus, we always drinka big glass of ice water with dinner. We think it's a good habit to get in with our son and it's free! So at $.73 per person.....and we couldn't even finish was one heck of a meal!

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