Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Introductions please...

Hi! I'm Andrea, 25 year old wife and mother of one with a dream of the "perfect" life. I constantly stuggle with trying to be the best wife, the best friend, the best mom, the best daughter, have the nicest house, cook the best food, throw the best parties, etc. But it's tough to do in todays world, especially when that word "money" rears it's ugly head. We aren't millionaires, and we work hard for our money, so really, I'd like to get as much out of is as I possibly can. So over the years, I've become quite thirfty and I'm always on the look out for the best deal or how to do something cheaper.

We constantly get asked by friends and family how we get such killer deals. My best friend even jokes that we sleep with the sales people. But really, it's no secret at all, you too can find those deals of a lifetime. So this blog is a collection of everything to do with saving money, from organization (the foundation of every cheap lifestyle), to meal planning (aka recipes), to remodeling and decorating on a dime (the whole reason I am cheap). My hope is to help others find deals and to have some fun in the process! So welcome and I hope you stick around for some fun!

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Immortal Beloved said...

i am a budget shopper too. if their is a clearance rack, i will find it within 2 seconds of stepping in the door. LOL!