Monday, September 22, 2008

Deal of the Week...

Sorry I have been neglecting my new blog the past couple days. Things have still been pretty hectic with the aftermath of the storm from last Sunday. My in-laws finally got power Saturday night though, so no more entertaining them each night, feeding them, and doing their laundry! Yeah!

Anyhow, as if I didn't have enough going on, I still found time to shop! Here are a few of my favorite finds of the week:

This was the biggest deal of the week by a long shot. As I posted before, we recently got a new buffet in the dining room. I really had no clue what we were going to put in the empty space above it and I was afriad to even ask if I could purchase a $200 mirror or piece of art work. So it continued to be blank. While I was getting new toothbrushes on our weekly grocery trip to Meijer, Todd started wondering around. He comes back with this great mirror and says, "Hun, what do you think of this? I thought it would go well over the buffet table and it's on clearence for only $15!" This my friends was shocker to me that one, he's giving decorating advice to me, and two, that he even mentioned it to me. But then again, this is why I married the man. Always keeping me guessing. Anyway, this is our new $15 mirror.

This is also a cheap piece of "art" I put together this weekend. I already had these picture frames hanging above our couch in the family room, but I'm waiting to get prints for Christmas. So I decided to decorate them for fall. I just took some scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby ($.59 each) and a fake leaf from Hobby Lobby ($2.99 for about 40) and put it in the frame. Looks pretty good huh?

And last, but not least I want to share with you my favorite Dollar Tree Deal of all time (aside from my pregnancy test that gave me a positive reading on the first try)....

For $1 I got a pack of 12 spooky looking lables. So I took a few bottles we had around the house in various colors and stuck the lables on them. They look great as a Haloween decoration on the buffet table and only cost a fraction of a dollar since I still have 9 left!

Anyway....check back tomorrow for pictures of the goods I got at the Mom's Market two weekends ago. I only went for a few things and came back with two garbage bags full for $80! Not exactly being "thrifty" but it was fun. Plus, I justify it by thinking I'll be able to sell the clothes for the same price I paid for them....Anyway, keep posted!


Laura said...

I like the DIY leaf in the frame... I might have to try that!

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