Monday, September 15, 2008

A Hurricane in Dayton?

The picture at left was pretty much a common site here in Dayton, OH today. After yesterdays storm that brought wind gusts up to 75 miles per hour, many trees are down as well as the power lines. We were in the lucky minority. We lost power from about 2pm Sunday until 7am Monday morning. We are in the 20,000 that had power restored. Some 400,000 are still without power, including our neighbors across the street! How the heck does that happen?!?!?

Anyway, we're very thankful that nothing happened. No big trees down on our house and thankfully rain didn't accompany the wind. Even with the absense of rain, we still spent time out of every hour manually emptying the sump pump. Getting a battery back up for our sump pump just moved to number one on the priority list and we don't care how much it costs! Lugging over 500 bucket loads of water up stairs and down the driveway for 12 hours is NOT fun!

Anyway, to all those people without power still, we'll be praying that everything is okay, especially you moms of little ones. I know first hand that running to the store to get more ice so that the milk stays cold is NOY fun either. So good luck and hopefully everything will be back to normal soon. I might almost miss the contant sound of chain saws in a few days...

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