Monday, May 11, 2009

Budget Meal Idea

Easy Asian Stir Fry
Stir fry has always been one of our favorite meals, but it's normally been a pretty expensive one. I usually tend to pull some sirloin from the freezer and cut it into strips myself. It usually ends up costing around $3 just for the meat and really, I end up throwing about half of it out. Well, this week I totally realized they sell stir fry meats, already cut up! Duh! And the best part of all, I bought .20 lbs, which was more than enough really for three people, at $3.99 a lb was $.76!!!!!!
So I threw the stir fry meat in a wok with a little bit of oil.
There are the rest of the ingredients I had on hand. The broccoli was $1 a bunch and I used half. Mushrooms were $2, but I used half. Onion was a whole bag for $1, so lets say $.10. Then I used 1/3 a bottle of Asian Stir Fry sauce. The bottles runs about $3, so lets say $1 in sauce. I also used about 1/4 box muti-grain spaghetti which was $1, so $.25 for the noddles. Totaling.....$3.61 for the meal!!!!! And what was the best part...we had enough leftovers for lunch for me the next day and two lunches for Luke! What a steal!
Boil the noodles while stir frying the beef.
Then toss in the chopped broccoli and onion. Stir fry until everything gets a little browned on the edges. Add a little bit more oil if you need to.
Then toss in the mushrooms.
Then, when the noodles are done, drain them and toss them with the rest of the stir fry.

Toss with 1/3 bottle of stir fry sauce and serve!

So easy and SO delicious! Reheats wonderfully too!
Oh, and this may be my first and last cooking post. Todd laughed at me the entire time I was making dinner. He wanted to know what I was doing and why I was taking pictures of it. He just doesn't understand the whole blog thing. Anyway, so if I can convince him that taking pictures as I cook doesn't take longer, then I'll be posting more cooking ideas. Otherwise, enjoy this one at least!


Samantha said...

My husband used to laugh at me when I took pictures after cooking. After awhile he got used to it & now he waits for me to take the pictures and when he makes something he asks why I didn't take any pictures for the blog! lol.

Lori B said...

My husband also used to laugh at me when I first started my food blog. He's gotten used to it now and knows that I usually need to make a dish pretty to take pictures of it :o) And like the PP said, if I don't take a picture of something, he'll ask if I need one for my blog lol.