Saturday, May 2, 2009

My 110% complete diaper stash!

Okay, I'm admitting it. I'm finally 110% done buying any new diapers for Brooke until she starts outgrowing some. I know we have more than enough, but I just wanted to be over prepared rather than under! Anyway, here it is, my 110% complete girly stash! Also, for those of my friends who have asked me to share with them all the info I've learned about cloth diapers, I'll be adding that as I go.

First is our stash of newborn prefolds. I have 18 Little Lion prefolds, which from the feel of it, don't seem like they'll do real well, but I got them for free and I figure they are better than nothing. I also got a dozen orange edge (newborn size) Green Mountain Diaper prefolds. The four "t" shaped things below those are called Snappis. I got these "used" from Jilliams Drawers, but they look brand new to me.

So what's so great about prefolds? Well, these are the type of diapers most people think of when they hear cloth diapers. But even then, they've come a long way. And no more pins, the Snappis have little plastic teeth on the three ends that "catch" the cloth on the prefolds to hold it all together. I personally haven't used prefolds (learning all the folds on a toddler trying to run away just never happened), but I'm really looking forward to trying them with Brooke. Prefolds do have to be used with a cover though.

These are the prefolds I have for Brooke as she gets bigger. The dyed and ebellished ones are technially yellow edged Green Mountain diapers, but the actually measure like their new red edge prefolds, so I'm guessing the sizes have changed sometime in the past. The stack behind those are a dozen brown edged (toddler size) Green Mountain Diapers.

Wet Bags

These are the three wet bags I got. I don't think everyone needs this many, but like I said, I'd rather have more than enough. The top left is from Earth Mama. The top right is a Whammies. And the bottom is from MonkeyFootDesigns.

The Extras

And no "stash" would be complete without the extras. Here is one of two pail liners we have. The Whammies liners work great! I also bought a donzen new wipes and spray bottle for Brooke's room. We just mix a few drops of California Baby baby wash with hot water, shake it up, and it's perfect sprayed on baby's bum during diaper changes. Smells nice too!


8 Kissaluvs Size 0, better known as KL0s. I have a feeling these will be my "go-to" diaper once Brooke is here. They have a snap so the front folds down before the umbillical cord falls off. I think that'll be nice to have.

These are the other newborn fitteds we have. The top left is a Happy Heineys fitted, size newborn. The top middle is a WAHM (work at home mom) made fitted I got off Etsy. The diaper all the way to the right is a Very Baby, size newborn. The bottom left is an Under The Nile fitted, size 1. And the bottom center is another WAHM made fitted, size nb.

Fitteds are nice because they just snap right on like a disposable diaper. But they do have to be used with covers. Sometimes this can make for quite a fluffy bottom!

These two are GreenSprouts fitteds, both in size medium/long. I had actually bought these for Luke and they ended up being too small. I've tried selling them, but not gotten any good offers, so I figured I'd keep them for Brooke. They are very trim, but the downside to it is that they don't last real long. I usually pair them with a FooFoo Hemp Liner from Etsy seller ArtsyFartsyFooFoo.

Also, not pictures, I have two one size Goodmamas fitted diapers. These are expensive, but they work really great and of all the fitted, are my favorite. So why no pictures? Yes, even though they hav pink on them, my son uses them now! They had a sale, 3 for $70 a while back and I only saw one boy print I liked, so I figured I'd get one boy print for him and two girl ones for Brooke. Well, turns out I loved the diapers so much that even Todd was okay with lettering Luke wear them, as long as they were worn with a manly cover! Haha! I doubt they'll fit Brooke anytime soon though, even though the size, one size, replies they will. I'm guessing around 4-5 months. We'll see....

This is my very small collection of wool covers. Most people go crazy over these, but I'm just not sure how I feel about them yet. They are really pricey, and while they do work very good at preventing leaks, especially overnight, they still are just a one time use cover for me. They don't get soaked, but they still smell like pee in my opinion. So if I have to hand wash and then lanolize a cover after just one use, then it's not really worth the extra cost and time spent washing them.
Anyway, the cover on the left is a Disana wool cover. It was actually my sons, size large until it accidently got thrown in the washing machine. So now it's the perfect size for a newborn! The cover on the right is a Little Bettle.

These are the rest of our newborn covers. The top three and bottom two are what we plan on using first. They have a little dip in the front so that it doesn't irritate the cord. They are called Proraps. The light blue cover in the middle to the left is a Swaddlebees cover. Second with green dots is a Bummis Super Whisper Wrap. The third is a Bummis Super Brite. And the one all the way to the right is a Thirsties cover in XS.

These are the covers I have for when Brooke gets a little bigger. The first two on the top are Bummis Super Brites, size small. The top row, all the way to the right, as well as the green one below it are WHAM made, from Etsy Seller OliveJanes, both size small. The middle left is Imse Vimse, size small. The bottom two are both mediums. The one on the left is a Dappi cover I got for free and the one on the right is a Snap Ez fleece cover I got for free.


All in ones are the diapers Todd and my mom like the most, of course for their ease. They don't have to worry about covers or inserts, because like the name implies, everything is really, all in one, just like a disposable diaper. You pull one from the stack, use it, and when your done you just throw it in the pail. The only downside is of course, being the easiest, they also are the most expensive. A downside for others is that they take a long time to dry. I've found tht if I toss them in the dryer on the ultra delicate cycle, and then hang them to dry overnight, they are fine by morning.
Although the All-In-Ones are everyones favorite, I only got 4 in the newborn size. I figure I'll be the one changing diapers the most for the first couple weeks and we won't be going out too much either. So, I got two Thirsties All-In-Ones in XS and two Sposoeasy All-In-Ones in XS.

These are all the next step up. I have four size small Thirsties All-In-Ones which are on the left. Then on the right, I have 7 size small BumGenious 3.0s.

Last is the two size medium Blueberries All-In-Ones. Those are the two pretty printed ones. The other two pink ones are one size Bum Genious All-In-Ones. I'm trying to keep myself from buying anymore in size medium because I figure by then, Brooke will probably be about 5 or 6 months old and we can just use the stash we had for Luke which is pretty gender neutral. The key to this equation though......will Luke be potty trained by then? My hope is yes, reality, I'm not really sure. He's doing well now, but we'll see how he does once he has a baby sister taking all his attention away from him.


Fox and Dawg said...

Holy cow, that's a lot of diapers...

Heaven Sown said...

Aww! Beatiful stash. CD'ing can definitely become very addictive.
I have some ultra-absorbent bibs that you might like if you're interested:

Thanks for sharing your stash!
Fellow Nestie,