Friday, May 8, 2009

New Happenings...

It's been another one of those weeks where I really haven't gotten much done. I started having gallbladder problems yet again on Monday night, stayed home from work Tuesday, tried to work Wednesday and ended up in the hospital again. I stayed home Thursday recovering and then finally made it back to work today. Still not feeling great, but what can I do? Doctors at the ER basically told me to just try to get the next 4-5 wks to pass as quickly as possible, come to the ER when I need to, and work on inducing labor on my own. Great! Thanks for your help!

Anyway, so I've spent a lot of time lounging on the couch just watching tv and looking at my to do list grow and grow! Ughhhh! But being that I am feeling better tonight, I'm hoping to get a few things checked off my list.
Of course one of the most important things to me is family. My brother recently bought his first condo. Obviously, ike the typical 23 yr old male, my brother could care less what his place looks like. But being that he's the baby of the family, my mom of course does care. She's been freaking out about every aspect of his house and of course wants it fully decorated and furnished the time he moves in next Saturday. Her normal furniture shopping style isn't exactly working for my brother either. My mom and dad just go shopping wherever......Ethan Allen, Drexel Heritage, antique stores, etc an buy whatever they want. Doesn't exactly work when you're on a budget and the only place they even knew to look was Value City furniture. SO, Happy Mother's Day mom......I'm going to take care of your little boy!

Here's pictures of his new condo: (realtor sorry, they suck!)

So, as you can see, the place is pretty much plain Jane. My brother bought it from a single older man who was moving into a retirement obviously this place has never seen an ounce of style! I'm going to try and ma it feel "home-y" yet traditional and manly.

So here is the pieces I have picked out for my brother:

Couch and matching love seat for the family room

He has a full sized matress set from college, so while it was tricky to find a set with a full size headboard, I found a nice one at Target.

Then he of course needed a desk in there for all his computer stuff as well!

Then for the dining room, he needed a small, yet nice dining table.

And that'll at least do him for a couple weeks hile he gets comfy. Then we'll start painting and working on some decor on a specialty!

In other news, I sold the stroller and car seat we used for Luke. I got $175 for both, which is a little less than I could have gotten for it on Ebay, but it saved me the hassle of having to list it, package it up and ship it. Now the last big item I need to sell is our airplane nursery set. I'm hoping to list that on Ebay tomorrow.

So, hmmmm, what to spend $175 on????? I think I'll figure out something. =)

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