Thursday, May 28, 2009

The 99.9% complete guest bathroom!

Remember when we started our bathroom remodel? Yeah, like WAY back in January?!?!?! Well, I have been working on decorating it in between getting ready for the baby and I finally got a chance to clean it good today, so I thought I'd take pictures and share with you all how it turned out. As weird as it sounds, this bathroom is my favorite room in the whole house. Not because it's the place where we do our business, but because it just turned out SO well! I'm very please with the final result and the only thing left to do, if you'll notice, is photos for the empty picture frames. Knowing me, I'll get to those next winter! Just kidding! I hope I get it done a little sooner than that!

Anyway, just in case anyone forgot what it looked like before, here is the only horrible picture we have. The bathroom was seriously SO small (well the same size it is now, only divided into two rooms, one for the vanity and one for the toilet and shower) you couldn't even take decent pictures of it without a wide angel lense! Tomorrow I will follow up with a cost breakdown, but our goal was $3000 for the whole project. I think we went slightly over, but we'll see when I add it all up.



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Sarah said...

Looks beautiful Andrea! :)