Monday, June 1, 2009

Spray Painting Tutorial

I recently spray painted for the first time and I thought it was going to be SO hard. The project sat and sat because I was so scared I'd mess it up. It was so easy though and turned out great, so I thought I'd share my tips and tricks for those of you who are scared of learning as well.

I had this "bath" sign I had bought at Bombay Company right before they had closed. It was just a simple wooden sign that said bath and had three little hooks on it for towels. For some reason, I loved it, but it was black. So I decided if I painted it brown, it could go in our guest/kids bathroom and would work great for Luke to hang his towels on. Todd was having a cow though, saying that I was going to ruin a perfectly good sign and that it would look horrible when I was done. I HAD to prove him wrong!

So I took a trip down the paint aile the last time we were at Lowes and I took a look at the spray paint. This sign happened to be wooden with metal hooks, so I needed something that would adhere to both materials. I found a product by Rustoleum that looked perfect.

First I taped off any area that I didn't want painted. Thankfully for the sign, there was only three small glass knobs. So I just grabbed some leftover newspaper, wrapped it around the knobs, and secured with some masking tape. Then I just followed the directions exactly like they said on the can. Only to get a really even coat, I wanted to "set" the sign up on something. So I just found some cups laying around the house. I wouldn't suggest spray painting in the grass though. One, it's probably not the best for the environment (what was I thinking?!?!?) and two, it left a huge brown area in our yard. Thankfully Todd was cutting the grass that afternoon and you can't even tell where I spray painted anymore.

But I think the real trick was waiting for a day that was a little cloudy and not too windy. Then setting the sign up so I could easily get every angle helped as well. Then just follow the directions about spraying distance and coutinuing to shake the can as you paint. I think I ended up doing 4 light coats, since I had read it was better to do a bunch of light coats than less heavy coats which could cause the paint to run.

It turned out fabulous and Todd had to admit it as well! I can say one thing for sure now - I'm addicted to spray painting. Next on my list......a lamp for Brooke's nursery and a chair that I'd like to use in the office/guest bedroom! I'll keep you posted!

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