Saturday, June 20, 2009

Newborn cloth diaper review!

WE have officially been using cloth diapers on Brooke for three months now and wow, do we love it! I've been a little one the fence about cloth diapering Luke. Yes, it saves money, keeps him from getting diaper rash, it's better for the environment, etc. BUT I really hate those #2's. They don't smell up the diaper pail or anything and pretty rarely is it anything but a big ball that just plops right into the toilet but still, I don't look forward to them. Anyway, we do really like cloth diapering during this newborn stage for sure. Not only do they keep the diaper rash away, but they also contain those early blow outs great. But I will hae to say there are a few slight downsides. For us, Brooke was too big for anything we had on hand when she first came home from the NICU. At 5 lbs, even a prefold with a cover on it made her bum twice as big as her head. The best solution during this time was a trifolded prefold which we just placed inside some of the newborn sized Prowraps and they were still big, but the least amount of fluff. Also, like I said, most of the diapers are SUPER thick. While this is good for absorbancy, it also looks down right ridiculous on such a small baby. By the time I get a super thick Green Mountain Diaper prefold around her, the a cover, or a KL0 fitted and a cover, her bum is HUGE. Literally, the diapers go down to her knees and she can't even move her legs. So while we still do it, I only use these once we are out of everything else.

So what are my favorite diapers? Well, we've leaned towards AIOs for sure. At this size, they really don't take long to dry at all and they are just so darn convienant and worth it because they are more compact. The Sposoeasy ones were the only ones that fit at first and are still by far my favorite. I got them on a local craigslist and haven't heard too much about them. She recently has grown into her XS Thirsties AIOs and we really like those as well. The only fitteds we like are the newborn Very Baby we have (pictured above). Not only is it the cutest print in the world, but it fits pefectly and works very well too. It runs SUPER small though.....I wouldn't get newborn size if you plan on having a baby over 7 lbs or so. Brooke is currently close to outgrowing it at 7 lbs. We also really like our Under the Nile fitted. It is very compact yet absorbant, just what we like. As for covers, our Little Bettle wool cover is our favorite. I think I ruined ours, but it's still my favorite. I gt it used, again off the local craiglist, and didn't realize it was wool. I've washed it in the regular wash now several times. Still works great though, just not as soft as when I first got it. The Prorap covers are okay. They do their function but of course aren't the softest and look boring too. Now that she is gorwing into her Thirsties and Bummis Super Wraps covers, I've decided I like them both about the same.

Well, thats about it. I'll continue to update my thoughts on the whole cloth diapering thing as we go along. I wonder if I'll change my mind.....

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