Monday, June 22, 2009

Brooke's 1st Fashion Show!

I got this idea from a Nestie friend of mine, MeganBrian. She took pictures of her daughter in all of her newborn cloth diapers so that others could see how they fit on a 5 lb baby. I thought that was a great idea since we have different diapers and because Brooke is now at 7 lbs, so the typical size of a newborn. So here she is, in all her adorable fluff!

This is my absolute favorite diaper right now. It is a Sposoeasy AIO (all in one) in size extra small . I actually use these during the day, but only because they are easy for my mom to use. She just can't get down the whole prefold thing.

This is a small BumGenious 2.0 I believe. As you can see, they are a little big on her still, but they work on laundry day when everything else is dirty.
Here is Brooke in her XS Thirsties AIO. This is our scond favorite diaper. It's still a little big on her, but it's very trim and works well. It's also easy to use since it is just like a disposable.
This is Brooke in a orange edged Green Mountain Diaper prefold. I use the tri-fold and secure it with a snappi. It's not the trimmest thing in the world, but it does work. I usually just put the tri folded prefold inside the cover and call it a day though. I don't think the snappis are really needed until she starts moving around, but what do I know?
Here is a Little Bettle wool cover in size 1 over the prefold. This is my favorite cover, especially for use at night when Brooke sleeps for about 5 hours straight.
This is a Blueberries cover in xs. It fits her really well right now.

Here is a KL0 (Kissaluv size 0). I'm not a huge fan of these, but I can't say they leak. I just don't like how big and thick they are. Brooke can barely move her legs once a cover is on top.
Case and point, here is a Bummis Super Whisper Wrap in size XS over the KL0. The cover fits well over a tri-folded prefold, but I'm not a fan when pired with the KL0.

Here is a Very Baby fitted I find on Hyena Cart in size newborn. I have yet to find anymore, but they are BY FAR my favorite fitted. Not only is the paisley print the cutest thing on earth, but it's trim, leak proof, and one of the few diapers that fit her when she came home at 5 lbs, 2 oz.

This is another of our favorite fitteds, a Happy Heiny in size 1. It's very trim, yet absorbant, and works well with any cover on top of it.

Here is a Thirsties XS cover over the Happy Heiny's fitted. It's still a little big, but I do really like it. It'll work great over a tri folded prefold in another pound or two.

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Megan said...

1. I love Brooke's little T-shirt, adorable!

2. I'm jealous that Brooke is sleeping 5 hours at night, tell her to send that memo to Julia.

3. Do you have any of the sposoeasy snaps? DH is hating the velcro, he thinks it's too "scratchy" for Julia.