Thursday, June 18, 2009

We may not be perfect...

but at least we had fun! I'm speaking about Brooke's newborn pictures we had taken at our house this past Sunday. I had fully intended to get her pictures done within the first two weeks, but since she was in the NICU, it got pushed back until she was 3.5 wks old instead. I was a wreck though......her nursery STILL wasn't done, the house was a mess, and let's just say Todd enjoyed the wedding we had attended the night before just a little too much! We've been working with this new photographer though, Alison Kamper from and she was incedible once again!

I like getting the whole first year of photography done from the sme photographer so that you can mix and match them and they all look like the same "style." But I just couldn't afford our old photographer any longer. The best deal she could do was $1500 for 5 sessions the first! So I went on a search and as luck would have it, a friend of mine from work found out her neighbor was starting a photography business. So, the Saturday before Easter, we decided to try her out with a little "urban" shoot for Luke and Brooke while she was still in the belly. I don't think I ever shared those pictures, but here is a few of our favorites.

I, of course, thought they turned out wonderful and since then I couldn't WAIT for our little Brooke to get here. Of course just one of the reasons was so we could get photographs taken by Alison again. And for $200 for a two hour plus session PLUS a CD of all the images she takes, holy crapola, what an awesome deal! To anyone who reads this blog within a 100 mile radius, I highly suggest having your families photos taken by her, even if just once. What an awesome memory! Here is a few of our other favorites though from Brooke's newborn pictures. Be sure to check out her blog though which has about 30 more photos.

So between the house being a wrekc, Luke not wanting to sit still for more than 2 seconds, Luke not following any directions what so ever, and Brooke peeing, pooping , or crying for 90% of the shoot, I have no idea how she got so many amazing shots. And I never knew such little elements of our house, like the wood floors, could look so incredible in pictures! Does it sound a little strange that I want her to come photograph just the house?!?!? Hehe!
PS - you notice the blanket in the basket?!?!?!? It was the present that just kept giving! Thank you again for spending your peaceful prebaby days making us a blanket that'll be in our family for years and years to come! You are a true friend.....even if I never have met you in real life! Someday our Destin trips will collide.....hopefully sooner rather than later!

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C said...

Ooh! Thanks for sharing this photographer! I might just have to use her!