Thursday, May 28, 2009

We have a discharge date!

Brooke has continued to do well the past couple days. She has not had an episode of sleep apnea for 36 hours now, but she has had a few drops in her oxygen levels in clusters after she eats. They are just slight decreases though and she is doing fine self regulating it, which is great news. They were supposed to have her in a regular bassinet by today, but apparently it's been pushed off to tomorrow. So she is now expected to go home Sunday and we're super excited! The only thing that could push that date back is if she has another sleep apnea episode or if she isn't able to self regulate her temperature.

She also got the go ahead yesterday to breastfeed. We tried for the first time last night and she did great! Latched right on like a champ and she's a very good eater which will only help her grow and get stronger faster! We met with the lactation consultant this afternoon just to make sure she was doing alright and she was even surprised at how strong Brooke was for how small she was. She is back up to 5 lbs again, after losing some weight yesterday. She's actually at 5 lbs 1.4 oz today.

Here is a picture of us from yesterday! I look terrible because I feel like I have no time for anything anymore, so excuse how disgusting I look! I'd just rather spend another 30 minutes with Brooke than blow dry my hair. Can you blame me though?
And here is a picture from this afternoon. We spent an entire hour out of the incubator breastfeeding so the only picture I got was of her sleeping in the incubator. Still adorable though!


Megan said...

Andrea-Brooke is beautiful and it sounds like she is doing great! I'm so happy that you now have a discharge date, I'm sure that it can't get here fast enough.

Mrs.Laker said...

She is beautiful! Congrats!